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Meet Yadira's Staff!


Meet John Henry

Quick Bio:

Name: John Henry Vansant

Role: Campaign Manager

Hometown: Thetford, VT

College: Wesleyan University (CT), Class of 2018

Favorite activities: Running, playing guitar, skiing (alpine and cross-country), hiking

Favorite bands: Santana, The Grateful Dead

Favorite Food: Anything BBQ'd

Fun Fact: My hometown was the first municipality in the United States to call for the impeachment of Pres. Richard Nixon!

John Henry Vansant is excited to bring progressive leadership to Denver as Yadira's campaign manager! He has been politically engaged ever since he was a young child, protesting with his older sister and parents during the early years of the Iraq War. The 2006 and 2008 elections inspired him to follow politics, a long-lasting interest that eventually guided his academic and professional decisions.

Intrigued by its activist culture and dynamic community, he chose to attend Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT after graduating from high school in 2014. In addition to completing the Religion major and Certificate of International Relations, he also majored in the College of Social Studies, a rigorous program that combines economics, government, history, and social theory all into one major. Outside of the classroom, he was a four-year, three-season varsity athlete with Wesleyan's cross country and track and field teams, served as a teaching assistant with the Wesleyan Center for Prison Education, represented his classmates in student government, and participated in a variety of clubs. In 2018, he graduated Phi Beta Kappa with high honors in both of his majors, capping off a wonderful college experience.

During his time in college, John Henry worked at numerous progressive organizations across the United States. He first joined the Vermont Public Interest Research Group's 2015 summer canvass as a canvasser, earning a promotion to field manager after a few weeks on the job. From June 2016 through May 2017, he interned with Democracy for America (DFA), learning a vast range of campaign skills with the national organization.

While at DFA, he fell in love with Colorado and its politics, leading him to move out for the summer of 2017. He interned for the Colorado Public Interest Research Group, refining his research and media skills, while working on his honors thesis. He never forgot about the Colorado way of life when he went back to Wesleyan for his final year, nor the exciting prospects of turning the state government blue.

John Henry is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with an inspirational candidate like Yadira, and he looks forward to working with volunteers and supporters across Thornton. He sees this race as a fantastic opportunity to elect a proven leader who will fight for a fair education system, statewide healthcare coverage, environmentally-friendly transportation, economic justice, and civil rights for marginalized communities in Colorado. He loves the state, its natural beauty, and the ambition that underlies its communities, and knows that if we elect advocates like Yadira to represent us in Denver, we could lead the country as a beacon of light in a time of turmoil.


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