Caraveo for Colorado
A strong advocate for Colorado families and children


Legislative Accomplishments

Rep. Caraveo has already passed several bills through the General Assembly that will improve the health, safety, and welfare of her constituents and all Coloradans. You can review the bills that she prime-sponsored and passed through the legislature below. You can read each bill and review accompanying fiscal notes by clicking the bill title. For a complete list of bills that she has either prime-sponsored, sponsored, or co-sponsored, you can visit her official state page here.

HB19-1133 sailed through the legislature with unanimous votes in both chambers. HB19-1133 creates the Child Abuse Response and Evaluation Network (CARENetwork), which will develop and maintain a standardized and coordinated medical response to a child suspected of abuse or neglect by designated health care and behavioral health providers. This has been an important bill to work on because as a pediatrician, I ran for office to improve the resources for the children I see everyday and this bill will do just that. Our state has limited resources when it comes to evaluating a suspected case of child abuse and neglect. We need this program because every child that may have experienced physical or sexual abuse deserves access to high-quality medical care and treatment to ensure the best outcome, regardless of zip code.

This was another bill that passed both chambers with bipartisan support. You may have heard about the prior authorization process, which can tie up the care that Coloradans need in bureaucratic battles and onerous paperwork. Delayed care hurts patients across our state, so HB19-1211 provides critical reforms to our prior authorization protocols so that doctors can efficiently provide the care that patients need.

HB19-1233 passed through the General Assembly with bipartisan support because it will reduce healthcare costs while simultaneously improving the quality of care. This is because less than 10% of current investments in healthcare are directed towards primary care, yet more than 50% of healthcare involves primary care. Primary care is on the frontlines of health care delivery but is under-resourced to meet the needs of patients. With this mind, HB19-1233 will establish a Primary Care Payment Reform Collaborative to implement Affordability Standards under the Division of Insurance and align these across Medicaid and state employee health plans. This will empower the Division of Insurance to direct more investment towards primary care so that we provide more resources for primary care providers and shift the frontlines of healthcare away from the ER and towards primary care.

HB19-1239 passed out of the General Assembly with bipartisan support because an accurate count impacts all of Colorado. 37% of my district is "hard to count," meaning that we need to invest more funds to count all of my district. Each person that we do not count costs the state thousands of dollars in federal funding and jeopardizes the number of representatives that we have in Congress. That is why I worked with Thornton's two senators, Sen. Faith Winter (D-Westminster) and Sen. Kevin Priola (R-Brighton), to pass this critical bill so that we can fund local groups to promote the census and ensure that every person is counted in Colorado.

After passing on a bipartisan vote out of the Senate on Friday, HB19-1184 heads to the Governor's desk. This will enable leadership from both sides of the aisle to request "demographic notes" for select bills, reports on how the legislation will impact certain communities across Colorado. This will improve the ability of our legislators to understand how policies impact different groups of Coloradans, especially for historically marginalized communities. In addition to my background as a medical researcher, I carried this bill because legislators need to understand how their actions impact those in their districts and how they can proactively address systemic issues in the policies and legislative approaches we promote.

After passing out of the Senate with bipartisan support, HB19-1032 was one of the last bills re-passed by the House on Friday and it now heads to the Governor's desk. Although it was revised in the Senate, the bill remained largely intact. It will update our state statutes to ensure that our criteria regarding sexuality education is truly comprehensive, making sure that all school districts that teach sexuality education must teach consent and include LGBTQA+ communities in their teachings. Plus, it provides grant funding for rural school districts who wish to teach sexuality education.

One of the most significant oil and gas reforms passed in over fifty years, SB19-181 grants local governments greater control over oil and gas operations in their jurisdictions. It also reforms the COGCC so that it regulates the industry in a manner that prioritizes the health and safety of communities. In addition to believing that this industry should be treated and regulated like every other industry, I know from first hand experience the impact that oil and gas development can have on the health of our communities and our children. This was an issue that I heard about at many doors on the campaign trail, and I will continue to work towards protecting our health and environment. In future sessions, I want to explore legislation to enact these changes in a manner that supports workers in these industries and provide them economic security as we move towards a green economy.